Nice 021


Each season we serve, in addition to our standard menu, dishes of our specialities menu. Delicious dishes made for you with care, out of mostly seasonal products.

Enjoy our winter specialities!


Deer carpaccio
gingerbread croutons | pine nuts | tutti frutti dressing
€ 10.50

Duet of smoked halibut and salmon 

lobster mayonnaise | fennel salad
€ 10.50


Braised beef
USA beef | Brussels sprouts stew | mustard gravy
€ 21.50

Baked sea bass

cauliflower mousseline | white wine-spinach sauce
€ 22.50

Pumpkin pouch

walnuts | feta | green curry sauce
€ 18.50


Crispy phyllo cup
white chocolate mousse | stewed pear ice cream
€ 8.50

French toast

of gingerbread | cappuccino-mocha ice cream | foam of Amaretto       
€ 7.50

Spicy pumpkin soup
Kale quiche
Candied duck leg
Apple strudel