Nice 021


Every season we serve our specialties, beside our normal menu. Delicious dishes made for you with care, out of mostly seasonal products.

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Game season

We now serve our game specialities.
Enjoy one of our delicious dishes!

Nice! wines

Nice 2018 lente  (38 van 55)

After carefully tasting and above all many trials ;) we have created a new wine list. Complement your dinner with our delicious new wines, delivered by 'De Wijnschuur'.

Do you find it hard to choose? Feel free to ask our staff for advice!



Are you looking for a meeting venue with enough (free) parking spaces for the door? We have an attractive room on the first floor above the bistro!


The Nice! zaal (180 m2) is equipped with all facilities. The room can be made smaller with a curtain and is suitable for groups from 10 to 120 people. There is also a spacious bar in the room, perfect for a drink after the meeting!