Nice aanzicht 20 sept 2015


We serve several hot and cold buffets from 20 persons.

Nice! Buffet

Soup of the day
Chicken in pesto cream sauce
Fish from the market
Beef stroganoff
Vegetables of the day
Hussars salad
Fresh salad
Baby potatoes
Riz pilaf

€ 23.50 per person
€ 11.75 per child 4-12 years old

Nice! Buffet Deluxe I

Mushroom-truffle soup
Carpaccio with pesto and Parmesan
Chicken satay with peanut sauce
Pork tenderloin with parsley cream sauce
Fried cod bits with ravigote sauce
Chicken roulade stuffed with spinach and thyme sauce
Egg salad with truffle
Tuna salad
Beef salad
Potato gratin

€ 29.50 per person
€ 14.75 per child 4-12 years old

Nice! Buffet Deluxe II

Carpaccio with pesto and Parmesan
Smoked salmon with red onion and capers
Caprese salad with basil
Marinated chicken breast in curry cream sauce
Salmon fillet with white wine sauce and green herbs
Warm ham with honey-mustard sauce
Spicy hot shrimp with garlic sauce
Terrace major (beef) with truffle sauce
Vegetables of the day
Greek salad
Fresh salad
Rosti rounds
Marinated oven potatoes

€ 29.50 per person
€ 14.75 per child 4-12 years old

Satay buffet

Chinese tomato soup
Chicken satay (2 sticks p.p.)
Pork satay (2 sticks p.p.)
Satay sauce
Prawn crackers
Atjar (pickled vegetables)
Patato salad
Fried rice

€ 21.00 per person
€ 10.50 per child 4-12 years old

Pasta buffet

Tomato soup
2 types of pasta
3 kinds of pasta sauce (1 vegetarian sauce)
Grated cheese
Green salad

€ 16.50 per person
€ 8.25 per child 4-12 years old


Ice cream cake                         € 4,50 p.p.
Chef’s dessert                          € 5.50 p.p.      
Chef’s dessert buffet               € 5.50 p.p. 
(from 30 persons)


> All our buffets can be booked starting from 20 people.
> The buffets are served with French bread, herb cream and various sauces.
> Children up to 3 years can join for free!
> We can adjust the buffets to your wishes.